Juliette Jagger is a rock and roll journalist, freelance writer, and the Editor-In-Chief of Toronto based music website, Anchor Shop. Her artist profiles, investigative features and live reviews have dealt with some of rock and pop’s biggest acts crossing the musical spectrum from Queens of The Stone Age to

Beyoncé. Her work has appeared in Vice’s Noisey, The Huffington Post and Exclaim! amongst others. Juliette is also the curator of “New Music From The Inbox,” a weekly music segment that runs at AlanCross.ca and has featured thousands of independent bands from across the globe.


The Brisbane Powerhouse. Queensland, Australia.
© 2010 Stephen Booth

Check in for opinion pieces on various current music related topics and trends, artist profiles, and investigative features focused on bringing context to the discussion of popular music today.


Mick Jagger &
Tony Norman.
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Get to know artists both past and present on a whole new level. Hear about their personal experiences & opinions on the current state of popular music.

Live Reviews

Alex Turner,
Arctic Monkeys.
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Live Reviews

A live show really is about experiencing those fleeting, electric moments & the energy in the room. Check in for next day coverage of your favourite artists as they pass through Toronto.