LIVE REVIEW: FUN. @ The Meadow Downsview Park July 6, 2013

Last night I was standing in a muddy field with 10,000 other people and it struck me; one of the best feelings in the world has got to be standing on the edge of a big stage for the first time, looking out into the crowd and thinking to yourself, “shit, we fuckin’ made it.” And, on the flip side of that, it’s still pretty nice to be standing in the crowd knowing your witnessing something happen for a band for the first time – that it’s genuine.

That was exactly it for FUN. last night at The Meadow at Downsview Park, and you could see it on Nate Ruess’ face. 12 years these guys have been at it. Last time they played Toronto, 500 people showed up.

It may be hard to get your head around how this band has managed to take over rock radio in the past year, but regardless of whether or not you or I think they’re any good, this band signifies something very important for new music – the mainstreaming of “indie.”

Depending on whom you talk to, some will still tell you that indie simply means your independent. The fact of the matter is, there is a sound, a style, and an aesthetic attached to that word, and as a band, FUN. couldn’t possibly embody it any more.

This band’s success is a good thing. It means that the wheels are finally turning. Rock radio has been in a really stagnant place for the last little while, and although FUN. may not sound like the version of rock and roll we’re used to, they are perfectly reflective of where we are at right now. That means there is plenty of room for other bands that do and don’t sound like this one does, to walk through that open door.

At the end of the day, still ain’t nothing like 10,000 voices signing at the same time, and FUN. writes the kind of songs that were meant to make the world sing.

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